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Brexit Day 31.01.2020 πŸ’”πŸ–€

Alas, today is Brexit Day, the day I hoped would never come. With a heavy heart, I am writing this post to inform and reassure clients of my intention to keep working closely with European partners. Business will continue as usual at Professionalis Language Services.

2019 was a remarkable year in terms of politics, and whilst it is with great personal regret and sadness that the UK’s exit from the European Union is finally upon us, I am hopeful that it will put an end to a lengthy period of uncertainty.

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you and reassure you.Β AsΒ a small international business with customers and suppliers in the EU, I have been closely following the Brexit negotiations and information published by the European Commission, the UK government and various individual Member States. I will continue to monitor the situation throughout the transition period until the final trade agreement is in place.

I have participated in a number of business webinars hosted by the CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) and the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), and I have also attended a Brexit preparation workshop organised by the UK government. This is to ensure that I receive expert advice and remain abreast of the issues that will affect language service providers working with EU customers and suppliers.

Please be assured that I am making every effort to mitigate potential disruptions and to overcome any obstacles in terms of additional bureaucracy and tax implications, so that business can carry on as usual and our partnership can continue with ease.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.